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Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition Guidelines

See Chapter 7: inpatient care for the of SAM in infants 0-6 months,

Complementary feeding leaflets Tanzania (Swahili and English)

Feeding a baby after 6 months - QAP et al. This brochure addresses questions t...

Call for support for appropriate IYCF in Asia-Pacific and Africa emergencies

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies call for support ...

Advantages and disadvantages of accepting or rejecting free supplies of infant formula for an African refugee camp

Discussion on Pronutrition website. The article says that free supplies should not be accepted.

HIV & Infant feeding, Africa field tools

Various leaflets related to HIV and infant feeding produced for an African context, mainly in 2005 but some in 2007. Excellent pictures...

Infant feeding in emergencies - lessons from IBFAN interventions in Africa

IFE working group at the 6th IBFAN Africa regional conference 2004. Information available as a word document online at: ibfan-africa.o...

Relactation/Wet nursing: Relactation in difficult circumstances: rising to the challenge

Case study 17 in Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies. GIFA/ENN Project. Final Report 2003 An example of Wet Nursing and Rel...


Case studies from: INFANT AND YOUNG CHILD FEEDING IN EMERGENCIES GIFA/ENN PROJECT (2003) Researchers: Mary Corbett (Evaluation of Modu...

Management of severe malnutrition in Africa

A PhD thesis and a major piece of work that contributed to the amendments in the WHO (1999) protocol on SAM to pay attention to the cri...

Water requirements of malnourished children in extreme hot and dry environments

An MSc thesis studying water turnover in SAM children in Tchad which followed the indentification of many children with hypernatraemic ...

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