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Predictive Analytics in humanitarian settings - presentation to the GNC NIS WG

➔Introduction to Predictive Analytics ➔ Concrete applications of Predictive Analytics in humanitarian sector ➔Example of machine learning model applied to food security (we can look at the Artemis model for instance) ➔What predictive analytics can/cannot do ➔Questions and Answers

Nutrition Cluster Monthly Update November, 2020

Nutrition cluster monthly analysis IM Products for November 2020, the IM analysis package include the followings:  Nutrition Cluster ...

GHO Monthly Funding Update: December 2020

The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) December Monthly Funding Update with figures for the 2020 GHO as of 31 December is released. The document is available through the following link: The requirements for the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) 2020 were $38.61…

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