Nutrition Machine Learning Workshop - Day 2

A compilation of Day 2 resources, building on presentations from the first day and participant list:

  • Session 7) Overview on Obesity/overweight surveillance systems presented by Alex Hutchison: Analyses of the “Growing up in Scotland (GUS)” child cohort to inform the design of obesity/overweight surveillance systems internationally”. More information about the Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF
  • Session 8) Prediction of acute malnutrition prevalence in three countries in Eastern Africa presented by Mara Nyawo: UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office working with LSHTM to develop a model that will predict GAM and SAM for small geographical areas
  • Session 9) Initial GNC project approach presented by Anna Ziolkovska: Preliminary GNC NIS WG thoughts on the forecasting (prepared before the workshop)


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