Nutrition Cluster DHIS2 Application

GNC Nutrition Aggregate Package ,case Management for (IYCF, BSFP ,CMAM) and Humanitarian Needs Analysis

The GNC has undertaken an extensive consultation with programs and partners in agreeing on a comprehensive dataset comprising of all the planning and operating parameters at country cluster level. This dataset also known as the PARTNER REPORTING FORM is the basis on which the collection of primary data is undertaken and collation is organized.

 The GNC had identified the District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2) as the most suitable software for the collation of the data collected through the partner reporting form. As such the DHIS2 has been customized to meet this demand and is now ready to be deployed for cluster level data collection and collation.

You can find a demo to 5Ws data ,case Management for (IYCF, BSFP ,CMAM) and Humanitarian Needs Analysis by click here


Nutrition Aggregate Package (PD)
The nutrition package supports the integration, capture and analysis of routine nutrition data in national DHIS2-based systems. The package supports aggregate data collection from facilities, community-based interventions and mass event activities (such as Vitamin A supplement campaigns). The package covers the following health interventions: vitamin A/IFA supplementation, infant and young child feeding, maternal counseling, growth monitoring & promotion, and wasting. Dashboards are designed to facilitate analysis of nutrition indicators from health facilities and community-based interventions, with further guidance provided on how to triangulate these data with components of the WHO-approved CHIS metadata package.

The package was developed in collaboration with UNICEF and is intended as a practical tool to accompany UNICEF’s nutrition information systems guidelines.

The following package resources are available:

The following package resources are available:


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