Monitoring and evaluation framework (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Adaptable Monitoring and Evaluation framework in Excel to be used during HRP development and implementation to agree with partners on what should be monitored and to track cluster progress towards targets in the HRP. It also contains an example of a country Monitoring and evaluation framework. About Monitoring and evaluation framework: A clear framework, agreed among  the key stakeholders at the end of the planning stage, is essential in order to  carry out monitoring and evaluation systematically. This framework serves as a  plan for monitoring and evaluation, and should clarify:

  • What is to  be monitored and evaluated
  • The activities  needed to monitor and evaluate
  • Who is  responsible for monitoring and evaluation activities
  • When monitoring  and evaluation activities are planned (timing)
  • How monitoring  and evaluation are carried out (methods)
  • What resources  are required and where they are committed


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