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Sudan Operational Guidance on IYCF during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This document is intended for the nutrition programme at the national and subnational levels. The document suggests basic considerations on how infant and young child feeding recommendations might have to be adapted in the context of COVID-19 in different settings.

Protecting Maternal Diets and Nutrition Services and Practices in the Context of COVID-19

This brief provides recommendations to support the nutritional needs of women in the context of partial or full population mobility restrictions, to be implemented in line with national guidelines.

Template for Joint Statement on Infant and Young Child Feeding in the Context of Covid

Includes a consolidation of available recommendations related to IYCF in the context of Covid-19. It is to be adapted by countries or nutrition clusters and to be issued at the national level. It was developed by the IFE Core Group.

Nutrition Sectoral and Cluster Coordination Guidance in COVID19 Contexts

The purpose of this note is to give guidance to Nutrition Sector/Cluster coordination mechanisms at national level, on adaptation of the core cluster coordination functions and working modalities, due to COVID-19’s.

IMO handover report template (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Adaptable IMO handover report template to be used in nutrition clusters for each handover between IMOs. About the IMO handover report: At the end of most deployments/contract, a handover note will be shared with the incoming IMO, Cluster Coordination Team and Cluster Lead Agency, as well…

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