Lactation Support Mapping Questionnaires

The IFE Core Group Communications and Advocacy working group is conducting a mapping exercise to identify lactation and infant feeding support persons and organizations within Ukraine and in neighboring countries to identify support, gaps, and needs in the area of infant feeding in emergencies. 

This will include the identification and communication regarding opportunities for capacity sharing within infant and young child feeding in emergencies.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive roster of organizations or individuals who may provide breastfeeding counseling and skilled lactation support in community settings as well as those who can provide feedback, input, and review of documents to best serve the collective response. 

Language Link
English https://forms.gle/spq1biMMNJhno5q97 
Hungarian https://forms.gle/kTSF3fNGAkYCHCTh6 
Ukrainian https://forms.gle/Af6qF3pdQnhvZAGM6 
Polish https://forms.gle/yQbLJrdhYrKXWsdn9 
Czech https://forms.gle/sW2PmLPasopXdY1Y6 
Slovak https://forms.gle/Sv9FDZ175q3Ug9Y28 
Russian https://forms.gle/4MGo6ocNBUSiSiyZ6 
Romanian https://forms.gle/7QsxCHKswoYtUYXj6 



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