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Map examples / templates (nutrition cluster)

below : Recommended  map templates (in pdf,adobe illustrator )  A key tool in the coordination is communicating and analyzing the geography of the situation; the Global Nutrition Cluster release several map templates that we think would greatly enhance your communication, advocacy, and decision-…

Cluster/Sector update templates (nutrition cluster/sector)

The tool: Adaptable .ppt presentation templates for the nutrition cluster/sector meetings that include: Cluster/Sector basic template Cluster/Sector update with examples of topics to be included IM update (IM topics and suggestions)

Meeting agenda template (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Meeting agenda template to be shared with partners prior every meeting. About meeting agenda: It is important to share with partners agenda of each meeting in advance, so that they can prepare to the meeting and know what will be discussed. it is necessary also to add a summary of action…

Gap analysis tool (nutrition cluster)

The purpose of the tool is to conduct gap analysis to improve nutrition cluster response. The tool is divided into 7 sheets, each providing a table for a particular type of gap analysis.  Depending on your needs, you can use all of them or only choose particular sheets: Geographical coverage…

Surveys database template (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Adaptable nutrition cluster surveys database in Excel to extract information for analysis from the following type of surveys: anthropometric nutrition surveys, IYCF surveys, micronutrient surveys and coverage surveys.

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