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Caseload, targets and supplies calculation tool (nutrition cluster)

The tool: An Excel workbook designed to aid calculation of caseloads, targets and supplies for Nutrition Cluster interventions as per available guidance. There are five different sheets in the tool:NC Caseload target and supplies calculator  CMAM – to calculate caseload for SAM and MAM treatment…

Capacity mapping tool (nutrition cluster)

The tool: An MS Excel workbook for conducting capacity mapping of cluster partners in the following areas: Overall agency response expertise, Implementation and scale up capacity Human resources and capacity development Supplies It also includes a database to extract the information. An…

Partners reporting tool (nutrition cluster)

The tool: Adaptable Excel template for partner reporting. The template includes various possible interventions and suggesting indicators to monitor and should be adapted in country based on the Cluster activities in the Humanitarian Response Plan by removing not relevant blocks and possibly adding/…


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