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Wasting and COVID 19 Programme Adaptations Information Note 2

Categories: Remote programming, mHealth This information note recommends trial phone-based screening using recommended questions where standard screening processes or family/mothers’ MUAC is not possible.

Guidance on how to build assumptions for IPC AMN projections in the context of COVID-19 pandemic - Version 1

This document intends to provide guidance to country IPC Technical Working Groups and/or Nutrition Clusters/Sectors on developing assumptions for IPC Acute Malnutrition (AMN) projections in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance does not include specific assumptions (as assumptions will…

Quick Guide to the IPC Population Tracking Tool

The IPC Population Tracking Tool, is an online data platform that allows users to access population data. It brings together all the data from IPC analyses from the past three years, including population estimates and phase classifications.

Innovations In Nutrition Information Systems

A review of nutrition information tools used in the field, with a particular emphasis on innovations in nutrition information systems that support collection, analysis and dissemination of nutrition data. PUBLISHED: 2020 AUTHOR: Action Against Hunger UK Information systems in nutrition are…

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