GHO Monthly Funding Update: December 2020

The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) December Monthly Funding Update with figures for the 2020 GHO as of 31 December is released. The document is available through the following link:

The requirements for the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) 2020 were $38.61 billion for 64 countries at the end of December. This includes $9.5 billion of requirements for the Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19.

As of 31 December, funding for the plans in the GHO had reached $17.86 billion, or 46% of requirements. For the most recent figures, please see the following link:

Total humanitarian funding had reached a record $25.66 billion in 2020. For the most recent figures, visit:

The GHO 2021 requires $35 billion to assist 160 million of the 235 million most vulnerable people in 56 countries who face hunger, conflict, displacement, and the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to visit the new GHO website for the full GHO content and documents to download in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.


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