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Predictive Analytics in humanitarian settings - presentation to the GNC NIS WG

➔Introduction to Predictive Analytics ➔ Concrete applications of Predictive Analytics in humanitarian sector ➔Example of machine learning model applied to food security (we can look at the Artemis model for instance) ➔What predictive analytics can/cannot do ➔Questions and Answers

GHO Monthly Funding Update: December 2020

The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) December Monthly Funding Update with figures for the 2020 GHO as of 31 December is released. The document is available through the following link: The requirements for the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) 2020 were $38.61…

IYCF-E Individual Capacity Assessment tool for Health and Nutrition Service Providers

Assessment of available capacities to provide context-specific orientation/training on IYCF-E is one of the six practical steps set out in the Operational Guidance on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies developed by the IFE Core Group. The capacity assessment tool can be used before an…

IYCF-E Policy & Programme Review Template

This IYCF-E policy and programme review template was developed by Save the Children and the Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) with the support of the members of the IFE Core Group. The capacity assessment/mapping template was developed to help summarise and present important information and…

IASC Minimum Standards on Duty of Care in the Context of COVID-19

The IASC duty of care minimum standards guide IASC members and standing invitees in the implementation of adequate duty of care provisions in the context of COVID-19 for all of their personnel regardless of nationality and contractual type. Focusing on preventing and mitigating COVID-19 related…

Review of opportunities and challenges for strengthening humanitarian and development nexus for Nutrition

The GNC with the SUN Movement commissioned the review of opportunities and challenges for strengthening humanitarian and development linkages for Nutrition. As a result of this work three case studies were developed highlighting examples, challenges and lessons learned from the HDN work on Myanmar…

HDX Dataset Deep Dive WorldPop (Resources)

the HDX Dataset Deep Dive on WorldPop’s Gridded Population Datasets! We have compiled all of the materials from the session below:    

GNC Technical Alliance Launch Webinar: Q&A

This is a Q&A document of questions asked during the GNC Technical Alliance Launch webinar on Dec 2, 2020

GNC Technical Alliance Description

This one-page brief provides an overview of the GNC Technical Alliance and the services offered.

GNC Technical Alliance launch webinar

The Global Nutrition Technical Alliance (formally the GTAM) warmly invites you to join us for the official launch of the GNC Technical Alliance. The GNC Technical Alliance is an initiative to support practitioners to improve the quality of nutrition preparedness, response, and recovery, by…

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