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Accountability to Affected Populations: a handbook for UNICEF and partners

This Handbook aims to help UNICEF staff and partners increase their understanding of Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) and to gain practical knowledge and skills in applying AAP principles in their daily work. It is intended as guidance, to be read in full or consulted on specific topics…

GNC Webinar on 2021 HNO process- Webinar

Additional guidance that may support you, and your respective partners, with the development of your HRPs. Guidance includes: NC-specific HRP and Nutrition Quality Assurance Checklist Cross-cutting issues Tip Sheet Cross-cutting A compendium of cross-cutting tools for the HPC A quality…

the new Core Commitments for Children (CCCs)

This new edition responds to a critical need: to provide timely and quality humanitarian support in the midst of fast-moving emergencies. It reaffirms key principles and standards that guide our action to ensure that children are protected, their dignity is respected, and no child is left behind,…

Global Report on Food Crises 2020 September Update in times of COVID-19

This GRFC 2020 September update in times of COVID‑19 provides acute food insecurity data for 26 countries identified in the GRFC 2020 and also includes Togo in the report for the first time. The cut-off date for the information and data used to prepare this report was 30 September 2020.

Interim Guidance on Household Surveys during COVID-19: SMART (ENG/FR)

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still unfolding, most countries have introduced measures to cope with the increased caseload of severe COVID-19 patients while maintaining core health services and implementing measures to control the transmission of the virus. Partners involved in nutrition programming…

Supportive Spaces for Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies: Technical Brief

In 2019, the Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM) examined technical challenges commonly faced by Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE) practitioners and the gaps in knowledge and gui­dance contributing to these challenges. A lack of clarity amongst practi­tioners on differences…

IMC: Nutrition Programming-Adjusting to COVID-19 guidance

Produced by International Medical Corps, this guidance document outlines adaptations to global nutrition programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. The document summarizes key global recommendations made for community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM), infant and young-child feeding…

GBV and Gender sensitive training module

Learning Objectives •Explain the linkage between Gender/GBV and Nutrition. •Identify key elements for gender and GBV responsive nutrition programs •Utilize guidance to integrate Gender and GBV lens into the different stages of the humanitarian program cycle

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