Contact list template (nutrition cluster)

The tool: adaptable contact list template in MS Excel to maintain contact details of cluster partners and other relevant humanitarian partners, including members of technical working groups, Strategic Advisory group, etc. About contact list: The contact list is one of the core products that the Nutrition Clusters establish in both sudden onset emergencies and chronic crises. It is a simple but powerful coordination tool for humanitarian response environments where there are a multitude of various actors working across the cluster. The contact list is a public, searchable database of basic contact information for individuals and organizations responding to the emergency. The contact list can help to give an overview of organizational presence and can allow individuals and groups to connect and coordinate. Maintaining contact list during emergencies can be difficult. One contact list should be maintained and shared amongst the Cluster IMO, Cluster Coordination team, partners and all relevant humanitarian actors. Depending on the emergency situation, the list can be shared by email, sit within an online document repository (e.g. DropBox or cluster website) or sit in the cloud (e.g. Google Docs). Effort should be made to keep the list up-to-date. To facilitate this, it is recommended that all contacts should be kept in one contact list with different filtering options (ex. members of TWG, SAG members, reporting focal points, implementing partners, etc.)


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