Cash and Voucher Assistance Essentials for Nutrition Cluster Information Managers

What is Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA)?
CVA refers to all programmes where cash transfers or vouchers for goods or services are directly provided to
recipients. In the context of humanitarian assistance, the term refers to the provision of cash transfers or vouchers
directly to individuals, household or community recipients; not to governments or other state actors.


Also to support the effective and standardized operational tracking of cash and voucher assistance (CVA), a template with recommended standard and optional reporting requirements for sectoral CVA (accessible directly via the link: was developed, in collaboration between the Global Clusters Coordination Group and our Global Clusters IM focal points. The template refers to inter-sectoral operational reporting requirements and does not affect the additional data required by clusters for their internal use.   

We realize that that 3W template is probably not the one you are using in your own contexts. We therefore would like to ask you to integrate the CVA related columns (highlighted in yellow) in the template you are currently using. This will allow for sectoral CVA programming to be reported via the relevant cluster/sector, in line with existing processes for tracking in-kind assistance.


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