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Information Management checklist (nutrition cluster)

The tool: This checklist is developed  to help Country Nutrition Cluster Coordination Teams (CNC-CTs) at national and sub-national levels as well as Global Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team (GNC-CT)) in  reviewing the Country Nutrition cluster performance in fulfilling it information management (IM) functions. The tool can also be used for self-assessment as well as for external audit. The tool also helps to ensure the consistency and completeness in carrying out an IM function by cluster countries. The checklist only cover standard IM outputs/functions, therefore depending on the country cluster context the CT might opt to include and use additional IM tools and outputs. It is recommended that all cluster countries use current checklist to assess their IM function and how to improve it. This checklist will be regularly updated, do not forget to check here for the latest version of the IM checklist.


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