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Publication: 15.09.2020

Accountability, Inclusion and Protection

UNICEF-led clusters/AoR including GNC jointly organized a webinar – Accountability, Inclusion and Protection on 7th September. This webinar aims to share UNICEF’s institutional commitments and UNICEF-led clusters/AoR’s common approach to AAP, Disability and GBV risk mitigation integration into the HPC 2021.

 The webinar was participated by more than 60 participants including both national and global cluster coordinators, IMOs, UNICEF and other cluster partners. Participants actively discussed their experiences and questions regarding meaningful integration of cross cutting issues into the HPC.

 If any national cluster is interested in strengthen cross-cutting issues integration into the HPC 2021, please contact GNC’s helpdesk for technical support and more information.

 You can find a record of the webinar and a compendium of cross-cutting tools into the HPC 2021 in this link.


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