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Publication: 07.01.2021



GNC pleased to announce the arrival of Jerome Shaguy, our new NIS DHIS2 IMO seconded from IMMAP to GNC. He is public health professional (Phd Candidate) with core competencies in information management. He has broad experience in designing and deploying complex information systems for planning and management. Jerome has worked across the world in both emergency and development contexts. His most recent posting was in Geneva, with the polio unit. He worked to establish a system for the tracking of immune compromised shedders of the OPV vaccine. In other capacities Jerome worked all across West Africa, in Pakistan, Lao PDR, Ethiopia and Somalia. Building information systems to respond to critical situations and problems.


Jerome will support nutrition cluster in :

  • Conduct a review of the current landscape of the nutrition case management information management systems being used (in emergency and development contexts) at government and partner level and propose a way forward with information systems for case management in emergencies, linked to the national reporting systems.This case management system will let them configure SMS-reminders, track missed appointments and generate visit schedules for practitioners. And, to document an individual as a defaulter so further action can be taken to bring her/him back into the treatment regime.
  • Conduct a review of the current national NiE reporting systems and develop a solution to automatically link them to the cloud platform accessible by the regional and global level.
  •  In consultation with the cluster coordinators and partners develop data dissemination and communication platforms or solutions for the nutrition clusters with pre-defined visualization templates. 
  • Develop a Humanitarian Exchange Language for NiE to standardize data comparison among countries. 





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