We would like to acknowledge the departure of two colleagues who made a significant impact and contribution to the GNC and the work we do. In 2023, we have said farewell to both Anna Ziolkovska (GNC CT) and Ben Allen (GNC Technical Alliance).

Anna Ziolkovska was the Deputy Global Nutrition Cluster Coordinator for the GNC CT. She had a successful career with UNICEF, having worked in nutrition coordination for over 12 years in various positions. Anna started out as a member of the GNC Rapid Response Team, then as Nutrition Cluster Coordinator in both Afghanistan and Yemen, and finally as Deputy GNC Coordinator in Geneva. She led many successful initiatives including the conceptualisation and development of our Capacity Strengthening framework and subsequent activities such as the elearning platform, and led the development of several tools and training packages, some of which were rolled out at a regional level, such as the IMO face-to-face training package.

At the end of January, we said farewell to Ben Allen, the Deputy Technical Support Team Coordinator for the GNC Technical Alliance. Ben was a part of the team for 3 1/2 years. During this time, he was instrumental in bringing the different parts of the Technical Support Team together as well as spearheading lots of localisation work. Ben hasn’t gone far as he has joined UNICEF. 

Anna and Ben will be missed and we wish them the absolute very best; they will both always be a part of the GNC family.


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