GIZ in collaboration with the ANH Academy has prepared a series of webinars on using social and behaviour change (SBC) for improved agriculture and nutrition. 

The first out of five webinars, entitled ‘Social and Behaviour Change Essentials’, will take place on Thursday, 16 July 2020, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm London time. It will help you understand what SBC is really about, why some people do not follow the promoted behaviours and how you can integrate SBC into your projects effectively. The speaker, Danielle Chekaraou, is an experienced SBC practitioner who will share with you practical tips, show useful examples and answer your questions. Find out more information about the webinar series and register now at this link.

The webinar series is an excellent opportunity for your colleagues who work as project managers, MEAL officers and other positions to gain key knowledge, useful skills and inspiration to facilitate behaviour change in an effective way. Therefore, we encourage you to share this invitation with your colleagues and partner organizations across the world.


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