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24 JUNE  |  13:00 - 13:50 CEST   07:00 - 07:50 EDT

Gender Based Violence: Evidence generation on GBV risk mitigation in nutrition programming (with country insights from South Sudan) 

The main objective of the session was to familiarize participants with the latest developments on strengthening the knowledge base on GBV risk mitigation in nutrition programming. Content will include: an overview of research recently conducted by UNICEF on the linkages between exposure to GBV and nutrition outcomes for children; the UNICEF/HHI partnership on measuring the effectiveness of GBV risk mitigation in nutrition; and a practical example of utilizing GBV safety audits in nutrition facilities in South Sudan. The session also aimed to identify new contexts where the tools could be integrated into existing M&E systems, and nutrition experts that would be interested in helping to further refine the global templates.

Session Agenda

  1. Overview of current global initiatives focused on GBV/Nutrition
  2. Country example: GBV integration in Nutrition Cluster activities in South Sudan
  3. Q&A


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