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24 JUNE  |  15:00 - 15:50 CEST   09:00 - 09:50 EDT

NiE coordination and programming in the context of COVID-19 (with country insights from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Myanmar) 

This session presented a synthesis of the key lessons learned from the GNC’s experience in COVID-19 nutrition coordination and programming at country and global level.

Session Agenda

1. Stocktaking of the COVID-19 response to date:
- Global level response highlighting both the GNC coordination level and technical level
- Country level experiences from DRC and Myanmar
2. Unpacking the continued response going forward:
Breakout groups to discuss:
- What are the needs?
- How can we better support those needs?
- How can the GNC-CT and GNC Technical Alliance best continue to support/respond to the technical needs of countries?
- How can we better understand the operational needs and challenges that countries face in light of the pandemic, including short-, medium- and longer-term needs?
[Groups will be asked to provide feedback on a whiteboard brainstorming board]
3. Feedback to larger group:
- Each group will be asked to feedback one reflection
4. Wrap up and next steps


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