Coordination mechanism: Nutrition working group
Year of activation:
Coordination arrangement: Who leads/co-leads the coordination ? Do you have coordination at sub national level.
Lead by UNICEF and co lead by WFP, coordination at national level but it is mainly focusing at the north as the main camps are there.

Country Key Contacts

Ali Al-Taie

NWG coordinator

Mid Year report 2020

January to June 2020

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)

1. Proper IYCF practice by care takers of U5 children to ensure optimal growth and development.

2. Orientation and awareness of care takers about the importance of children nutrition and quality nutrients. 

3. Screening and management of malnurished cases.

4. micronutrients supplementation.


Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)

1. frequent screening of U5 children with MUAC to identify malnurished cases.

2. management of MAM and SAM cases.

3. IYCF counselling of PL women to ensure proper IYCF practice.

4. ensure continuation of nutrition services at all setting.

5. replace the use of measuring board and uniscale with MUAC as a response to Covid 19 context.

6. orientation and awareness of caretaker on infection prevention and control of Covid 19 with continuation of proper IYCF practice.

7. distribution of Vit A and micronutrients powder.

Current Challenges

1. several camps were closed officially but still many families remain in the area because they don't have a place to go and services stopped at camp clinic.

2. many of returnees areas are without any near by health facility nor any services due to shortage of staff or demolished facilities.

3. due to covid 19 context, most of building capacity training were conducted on line but not sure of quality due to weak internet services and absent monitoring and evaluation system.

4. MOH was very busy with emergency response to covid which add further burden due to lack of (financial and human) resources.

5. limitation of movement of staff due to curfew / lockdown and staff absence due to infection with covid 19.


Number of SAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of MAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Vitamin A Supplementation 2021
Number of PLW counselled (one-on-one) on IYCF 2021

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