Democratic Republic of the Congo

Coordination mechanism: Cluster
Year of activation: 2006
Deputy: COOPI, Country Nutrition Coordinator
Other: Cluster co-facilitator PRONANUT (MoH), 30% dedicated
Coordination arrangement:
National Level: UNICEF lead, PRONANUT (MoH) co-lead, COOPI (INGO) co-lead
Sub-national level: 7 sub-national clusters (Nord Kivu, Sud Kivu, Kasai Central, Tanganyika, Ituri, Kasaï Oriental, Kasaï)

Country Key Contacts

Kalil Sagno

National Level Cluster Coordinator

Daouda Mbodj

National Level Deputy Cluster Coordinator

Norbert Baya Kimalanda

National Level Co-Coordinator

Amanda Dochy


Annual Report 2021

January to December 2021

Current Challenges
  • Low funding (9% of interventions currently funded)

  • Low availability and quality of data on DHIS 2 

  • Fewer new nutrition projects in the first semester of 2021. Many projects started in October 2020 due to a delay in the release of the standard allocation and delays in donor funding. As a result, few projects were developed in the first half of 2021.

  • Challenges with intersectoral collaboration and programming (ISCP) with three clusters (WASH, FSL, HEALTH) notably due to:

    • Staff turnover in the clusters, meaning new staff had to be retrained (namely on what is ISCP? Where are we at? What remains to be done?)

    • Difficulty in bringing together the 4 clusters at the same time

    • Conflicting deadlines and schedules

  • Challenges with therapeutic food management including fraud and the time needed to bring supplies into the country (3 to 6 months), customs blockages and variable customs fees

  • Challenges with IYCF-E indicators and monitoring including: 

    • Double counting

    • Number reached in non-HRP health zones taken into account

    • Capping target for HRP

    • Unit cost not in line with reality

  • In terms of planning, all health zones are included in reached but in the HRP only select health zones are targeted

Key Figures in 2021


Funding in 2021

Number of SAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of MAM under-five children in need 2021
Number of children 6-23 months in need of BSFP - Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme 2021
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Vitamin A Supplementation 2021
Number of children 6-59 months in need of Micronutrient Powder Supplementation 2021
Number of PLW counselled (one-on-one) on IYCF 2021
Number of moderately acutely malnourished PLW in need 2021
Number of moderately acutely malnourished PLW in need Of BSFP 2021
Number of PW in need of iron/folate supplementation 2021
Number of moderately acute malnourished people living with HIV

Total Partners (72)

UN agencies


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