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GTAM Consultant Rosters

Are you looking for nutrition support staff? If your needs fit into the 5 Nutrition technical areas of GTAM Consultant Roster, we can recommend candidates for you from Junior to Senior level, with vetted technical skills. 

We have over 90 candidates in the 5 rosters whom we can screen based on your request. 

Note that the Roster service is free of charge. After receiving a recommendation from the Roster of potential candidates, the entire hiring process is under the responsibility of the requestor (selection of the final candidate, fee negotiation, background check, etc.).

Have a look at the GTAM Consultant Rosters one pager and the requestor detailed procedure. If you want to use our service, please fill in the request form.

Lisez le résumé sur les Pools de Consultants du GTAM et la procédure de demande détaillée. Si vous voulez utiliser notre service, merci de remplir le formulaire de demande.

Lea el resumen sobre los Rosters de Consultores del GTAM y el procedimiento detallado de solicitud. Si desea utilizar nuestro servicio, complete por favor el formulario de solicitud.

And send it / Et envoyez-le / Y envíalo a :

Examples of profiles available in our rosters
  • Aissata: She is a Senior SMART survey manager, speaks English, has worked in West Africa and East Africa, she is available for 6 months and has a large experience in emergency contexts.
  • Francois: He is a Junior IYCF-E specialist, speaks French and English, has worked in Asia, he has been very successful in implementing IYCF-E programs.
  • Yumi: She has developed a national guideline for Integrated Nutrition interventions, she speaks English and Arabic and she is available for 2 months.
Rosters on main Nutrition technical areas
  1. IYCF-E
  2. Micronutrient supplementation in emergencies
  3. Integrated nutrition-specified and nutrition-sensitive interventions
  4. CMAM
  5. Needs assessments and analysis for nutrition outcomes (SMART surveys, IYCF-E surveys, coverage surveys and qualitative assessments)


Currently Accepting Applications for Consultants - Apply Now

The GTAM is happy to once again be advertising and accepting consultant applications for the five Consultant Rosters which are hosted by Action Against Hunger Canada and UNICEF.

The rosters consist of vetted consultants to support actors working in emergencies to source technical expertise quickly. There are five (5) different rosters, each covering a specific technical area:

  1. Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) (Apply here)
  2. Infant and Young Child Feeding in emergencies (IYCF-E) (Apply here)
  3. Micronutrient supplementation in emergencies (Apply here)
  4. Integrated nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions (Apply here)
  5. Needs assessment and analysis for nutrition outcomes (SMART, IYCF-E, coverage surveys and qualitative assessments) (Apply here)

In applying to become a consultant for the GTAM rosters, your application will go through a vetting process and upon acceptance will be available to more than 40 NGOs and UN Agencies worldwide who are regularly seeking consultancy services.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and once a person is placed on the roster, they will remain listed for up to 36 months unless otherwise requested.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the GTAM Consultant Rosters, please follow the corresponding links above to learn more and submit your application.


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